James McMullin

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Training Agencies ANDI, PADI, TDI
Courses Taught Air Diluent, Air Diluent Deco, Tec 40
James McMullin

About James McMullin

I hold the esteemed pleasure and position of being the Owner/Founder of Signature Scuba Diving, the founder of Signature Dive Veterans, and the President of Dive Guardians in the inland Empire.

As I grew up, I frequently visited the beach and observed divers effortlessly moving in and out of the water, longing to be out there with them. These divers were always amiable and engaged in conversations with me. As I started reading/watching documentaries on SCUBA diving featuring Jacques-Cousteau, my desire to experience it myself intensified. While snorkeling was enjoyable, the allure of descending below the water’s surface and exploring its depths captured me completely. The ability to breathe underwater became a fascination for me, and I eagerly awaited the opportunity to become certified and expand my knowledge. Amidst the stresses of life, scuba diving emerged as the ultimate remedy, providing solace and tranquility. It is an extraordinary encounter where one can navigate through rocky coral reefs, observing marine life seamlessly blending into their surroundings and with no bubbles even closer to that life. Each dive presents a unique experience, transporting you to a realm akin to a fantastical painting, where living creatures appear as if they are an intrinsic part of the picture. Who could have imagined that such extraordinary adventures could be found so close to home?!? Most of all, Deep exploration and the exploration of shipwrecks have captured my heart.



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