BMCL COMPLETE KIT / OPV Away from diver, right side


Prism 2 Back Mounted Counterlungs provide divers with a modular design that fits their diving style. BMCLs are positioned behind the diver leaving the chest free for attachment of additional tanks and accessories, resulting in improved streamlining with less drag and better trim. BMCLs meet the demand for an attractive BMCL replacement for existing Prism 2 users thanks to a cleaner hose routing, better water trapping and reverse compatibility.

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Part Number: 240.6606

BMCLs feature a 2-piece bag design for improved WOB performance and easy removal of the internal lung for cleaning or replacement. ADV Upstream Valve design is reliable and resistant to free flow which is a benefit for the addition of valuable diluent gas. Water Trapping T-pieces keep excess water from the breathing loop inside the counterlung for easy draining. Streamlined Hose Fittings keep LP hoses routed inside closest to the diver which avoids overhead interference. On the standard BMCL kit the OPV is placed away from diver on the right side. OPV also features a one way valve to avoid water intrusion when valve is pulled open to vent gas.

Machined DIL and O2 MAV controls ensure a rugged and reliable design, also allowing offboard gas plugin on both sides.

    • 1000D outer bag ​
    • Antimicrobial 15 mil PU ether based inner bag resistant to hydrolysis and punctures ​
    • Dupont Delrin T-pieces and MAV controls included  ​
    • 316 SS hardware
    • Lung relocated behind the diver but retains excellent WOB through larger radiused openings ​
    • SS inserts added to DIL and O2 t-piece for water trapping
    • Clutter-free chest area
    • Streamlined diver profile with reduced drag
    • Abrasion- and corrosion-resistant material for all components
    • More space to clip on and retrieve extra items
    • Excellent breathing characteristics in all typical diving positions

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