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Fill a bucket with White Vinegar and soak the scrubber basket for 1 hour to safely remove the Sofnolime and then rinse off with fresh water.

Yes, you can service the breathing loop, change the batteries in the head, and change the O2 cells without having to take your Prism 2 to your local Hollis Rebreathers dealer. It is still recommended to have your dealer service the Prism 2 as they will have the correct tools and proper training.

Visit your local Hollis Rebreathers dealer to have the Prism 2 BOV added to your Prism 2.

  1. Test the O2 cell by moving it to a different connector on the O2 wiring harness to see if the problem follows the O2 cell. That will tell you if the misreading you are seeing is from the O2 cell or the wiring harness.
  2. Return to your local Hollis CCR dealer to replace the damaged product for warranty/non-warranty


  1. Pre Dive Checks were entered too quickly before the LSS and Handset had a chance to register each other.
  2. Water damage to gold pins on LSS or Handset
  3. Water damage to cable

Steramine in the breathing loop, Crystal Simple Green on the plastic.