In this episode, Prism 2 Instructor Matthew Addison talks about his experiences as a rebreather diver and rebreather instructor, and discusses what new rebreather divers need to know.

In Scuba Diving, there are few things more exhilarating than descending on a shipwreck or exploring a cave for the first time. At Hollis Rebreathers, we strive to ensure that once you experience that feeling, it never goes away.

FROM THE INSIDE OUT is a 5-part web series that takes a deep look into what it takes to develop Hollis Rebreathers' flagship Prism 2 CCR. The Prism 2 allows divers to extend their bottom time and experience true underwater exploration in complete silence.

Join us over the next 8 weeks where we'll take you behind-the-scenes to our new facility in Salt Lake City where we'll explore how the Prism 2 is constructed, watch the manufacturing and design experts create the product, and see why it's relied on by the tech diving community as a premier rebreather. Enjoy this story of the Prism 2 Rebreather, from the inside out.



Begin the journey by learning the benefits of using a rebreather, explained by Hollis' brand manager Nick Hollis, and get a glimpse into our new facility where we design and manufacture the Prism 2 in Salt Lake City, UT.

How it Works


In this episode, Prism 2 Instructor Trainer Mathew Addison takes you through how each component of the Prism 2 works.

Manufacturing Process


In this episode, Rebreather Division Manager Ben Eastman takes you through the entire manufacturing process on site in Salt Lake City.

Assembling a Prism 2


In this episode, Rebreather Division Manager Ben Eastman is back to assemble the Prism 2 rebreather and explain each of its components on site in Salt Lake City.

Q&A With Instructor Trainer Matthew Addison


Begin the journey by learning the benefits of using a rebreather, explained by Hollis' brand manager Nick Hollis, and get a glimpse into our new facility where we design and manufacture the Prism 2 in Salt Lake City, UT.


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The team

nick hollis brand manager

The driving force behind the Hollis brand since its launch in 2007, Nick's passion for scuba diving began earlier than most: as an 8-year-old diving with his father, Bob Hollis. Today, Nick leads the design of gear for both the recreational and technical markets, and focuses on the Hollis customer experience and continuously expanding the rebreather community.

Ben Eastman Rebreather Division Manager

With over a decade of experience with Hollis Rebreathers, Ben leads the day-to-day operation and management of the rebreather line. He is personally involved in every step of research and design, testing, production, and customer service. If you have purchased a Prism or Prism 2 over the years, Ben has likely overseen every phase in the development of your product.

Matthew Addison Prism 2 Instructor Trainer

Matthew has been rebreather diving for more than 25 years and became one of the first Prism 2 instructors in 2008. He authored the Prism 2 user manual and is still actively involved in teaching as well as R&D efforts for Hollis Rebreathers. Matthew has produced industry-leading photography, television specials and promotional content for the Cousteau Group, DSAT and various dive magazines. He has also taught divers on the Prism Topaz for Steam Machines. In 2008, Matthew began assisting Hollis with bringing about the evolution of the Prism Topaz into today's Prism 2 rebreather. Matthew is an Instructor Trainer with TDI, IANTD and PADI.

a history of hollis rebreathers

Our rebreather history runs deep with stories from Hollis founder and renowned industry pioneer Bob Hollis. In the mid-1960s, Bob had his first rebreather experience; he used Draeger units to get close to Sea Otters and other marine life in Monterey Bay. By 1970, Bob made some of the first dives on the Electrolung rebreather, using Heliox down to 300 feet in Honduras and Bonaire and filming ship wrecks and deep reefs. In 1990, Bob & Oceanic developed the “Phibian” rebreather, which at the time was the only commercially available unit. And in 2000, under two separate contracts with the United States Naval Surface Warfare Command, Hollis developed and delivered a unit called the “ATUBA” (Advanced Tactical Underwater Breathing Apparatus). This solid back-ground of rebreather technology directly led to the development of the our flagship Prism 2 rebreather.

“Prism Topaz, the original name and design for the Prism 2. Photo from”

bonus footage

When rebreather diving, as with filming, there's always so much to see. So we've set up this bonus area where you can watch more footage about rebreather diving, the Prism 2, and learn a few more helpful tips from our team. Check back for new bonus footage as we post new episodes.

Why Dive with a Rebreather?
Production Time Lapse
Testing the DSV
Solenoid Test
Most Exciting Thing About the Prism 2

prism 2

The Prism 2 is a fully closed-circuit rebreather, ideal for exploring open ocean, cave, or wrecks. It can be either electronically or manually controlled, and its simple design benefits photographers, underwater researchers, and technical divers. It's been tested to have one of the lowest WOB of any mixed gas CCR on the market, making it extremely comfortable to dive.

Prism 2 includes shoulder mounted counter lungs and a rear mounted radial scrubber for easy breathing with low resistive effort and low hydrostatic loading.