Aiar Ghelber

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Phone 713-888-0006
Address: Houston , TX 77027
United States
Training Agencies IANTD, PADI
Course Taught CCR Hypoxic Trimix
Aiar Ghelber

About Aiar Ghelber

Hello, I’m Aiar Ghelber, an avid diver with a profound love for the underwater world. My diving journey began in the mesmerizing Red Sea in Israel, where I first learned the art of diving. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of exploring the depths of oceans worldwide, each dive adding to my awe and admiration for the beauty beneath the surface.

In 2014, I embraced a new rebreather unit, the Hollis Prism 2, and by 2015, I became an instructor on this advanced unit. What drew me to the Prism 2 was not only its cutting-edge design but also its user-friendly nature. The ease of diving with the Prism 2 is unparalleled, making each descent a seamless and enjoyable experience. Furthermore, the remarkable work of breathing on this unit has left me in awe, enhancing both my comfort and confidence underwater.

Teaching others the intricacies of diving with Prism 2 has become a fulfilling part of my life, and I’ve dedicated myself to both sharing my knowledge and continuously expanding my skills. Beyond the ocean’s depths, I find joy in my wing suiting in the sky, cycling on land, and exploring deeper caves and wrecks on my rebreather, which satisfies my curiosity for the unknown.

I am a hypoxic trimix instructor on the P2 with PADI and IANTD.