Anders Holmberg

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Phone +46-(0)72-5610240
Address: Stockholm
Training Agencies IANTD, PADI
Courses Taught MOD II, MOD II IT, Tec 40, Tec 60
Anders Holmberg

About Anders Holmberg

Anders got his first certification in 1981, a painful process that took more than 9 months to complete
and at times involved practices that today would not be allowed by any agency. However, the
instructors did their best with minimal instructor teachings outside of the military. This has ensured that Anders himself knows fully well at least how not to teach and what not subject his students to.

Anders has been a PADI Course director and Tec Instructor Trainer for more than ten years and is
certified on a number of CCR’s but by far he prefers to dive and teach the Prism2. So far he has trained more than 1500 students, 350 Tec Divers and 600 Instructors. Apart from his career in the dive industry Anders have headed several companies in the Biotech business. This has meant a lot of travels, here the Prism2 has been a frequent companion with numerous dives around the world with fantastic dive sits and people