Daniel Millikovsky

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Address: Buenos Aires , Buenos Aires 1429
Training Agency NAUI
Courses Taught Extreme Exposure, Instructor Examiner, Mixed Gas, Wreck
Daniel Millikovsky

About Daniel Millikovsky

NAUI # 30750 and Lifetime member.

I have been exclusively a NAUI instructor for 23 years, Course Director for 21 years, and in 2016 I became a Course Director Trainer and Representative in Argentina. I am a very active technical instructor and a NAUI Technical Instructor Examiner in several courses both open and closed circuit rebreather.

I own Argentina Diving, a NAUI Premier, Pro Development & Technical Training Center, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We arrange dive trips for our students and customers and have a dive gear distribution store mainly dedicated to Huish Outdoors.  I began my NAUI career in 1998 in Cordoba, Argentina with my first NAUI Pro Scuba Center, DIVECOR.

In 2000 I moved to Cozumel for 5 years, where I worked as Training Director in the Buceo Medico Mexicano, SSS Systems Hyperbaric Chamber Facility running the DAN programs. While in Cozumel I also owned a dive operation and training facility.

In 2005 I returned to Argentina to train divers in all NAUI path recreational, leadership and technical courses. Our family business expanded to become a successfully growing company these last 15 years.

Argentina Diving’s business model is unique, forward thinking and very successful.  I believe quality and small group personalized training is the root for customers continuing to choose us and refer us. We take time with our students and provide quality training which makes them want to dive and travel with us and purchase good equipment for long term safe diving.  Quality service and continuing education are fundamental to our success, and we instill these values and concepts in the Divemasters and Instructors we train so they can develop a successful business model as well. Diving offers varied and limitless opportunities for fun, adventure and careers.  It is this unique, optimistic perspective that I want to bring to NAUI and its membership, so that we as an organization and individual members benefit in the modern era of diving. We must emphasize that NAUI is about training people to dive safely and have an association where they can progress at their preferred pace as recreational or professional divers—an association with no limits on opportunity! We need make NAUI internationally the best and most attractive choice for dive students ad professionals—and this is the quality difference I want to help make.

My Position  Statement:

I am extremely proud to be a NAUI Instructor and Course Director Trainer.  Twenty years ago I started the professional phase of my dive career by often traveling from Argentina to the United States to get the NAUI training I needed and wanted. I had no doubt I wanted to be a NAUI Instructor because I was determined to be the best. I learned from my NAUI mentors and keep learning every day.  My mentors never held anything back from me and this is one of the things I love about a NAUI instructor—the responsibility and joy of sharing knowledge with fellow divers and professionals. For these reasons, and NAUI’s core values and so much more are why I believe NAUI is the best scuba training agency.

My position statement is easy to define.  My objective as a NAUI Instructor, Course Director Trainer and Technical Instructor Examiner and Board member is that NAUI achieve prominence as the world’s premier scuba training agency.  I want the world to recognize what we NAUI members already know that NAUI is the best. NAUI has the best instructors, training philosophy, courses, materials and support.

I firmly believe achieving this goal is the responsibility of every NAUI member.  All NAUI members must pursue excellence and professionalism. I do this each day as co-owner of Argentina Diving promoting our NAUI training and service as the customers’ best choice. We NAUI members need to spread the message the high ethical standards, quality service and professionalism will draw diver to NAUI as they recognize NAUI as the world’s foremost dive training agency.  NAUI Instructors should be the best in the Classroom and the water because we take time to enhance our students’ knowledge and skills as well as our own.  Our ever value of ever-improving skills and professionalism needs to be emphasized because this is a real difference we can demonstrate and promote.   I challenge each of us to promote NAUI as the best choice, and confirm this by our quality training service.  If each NAUI member does this, the world will come to know NAUI is the best choice for scuba training.  I commit to you, that I will do all I can to make NAUI internationally known as the best choice for scuba training.