Used by United States Marines Combat Divers and Military Dive Teams around the world, Professional Underwater Videography Teams and Scientific Dive Teams, the Kirby Morgan Modular Full-Face Mask represents a giant step-up in safety, versatility and convenience over conventional Full-Face Masks (FFMs).

Known simply as the “MOD-1”, the patented Kirby Morgan two-chamber (Mask & POD) design opens up a myriad of configuration possibilities with both Open Circuit systems and Closed Circuit Rebreather systems.

The MOD-1 utilizes two separately sealed cavities in a single FFM design. The Mask which acts exactly like an independently sealed dive mask, and a lower Breathing POD which contains the mouthpiece and, if installed, the communications microphone. When communicating with other divers underwater, the diver can simply talk normally into the installed microphone. At the surface, with the POD removed from the mask, communication is very clear as there is no need to talk through a mask.

Switching gasses underwater or bailing out to an off-board system in the case of Rebreather use with the Hollis BOV POD, is simple and straightforward because of the MOD-1’s two chamber. The diver simply detaches the lower Breathing POD and secures either a secondary Open Circuit POD, or simply a second stage without a POD attached. The Mask does not flood during this exchange, or when breathing off a second stage with no POD attached! This dramatically increases safety and versatility over conventional one-piece designs where a bailout means momentarily losing breathing gas and the ability to see underwater. With the Hollis BOV POD, bailing out to Open Circuit requires only flipping the CC/OC lever to Open Circuit mode. You do not lose critical time, communications or visibility, and you don’t need to grab a bailout mask.

Because the MOD-1 utilizes glass lenses instead of plastic, you can install custom-ground prescription lenses, a critical feature for underwater videographers and photographers to get that perfect shot, in perfect focus.

For Hollis Prism 2 and Explorer divers, the MOD-1 with Hollis BOV POD has several important safety considerations, which cannot be understated. First and foremost, should a diver become unresponsive underwater, their airway is protected while a buddy switches the BOV to Open Circuit mode and starts the flow of a “known” gas. Secondly, if added, voice communications between dive teams means rebreather divers can alert team members to a potential issue, have more than one brain available to discuss solutions, and make the critical go/no-go decisions that will insure a safe return to the surface.

Hollis is excited to partner with Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc, the pre-eminent designer of commercial and military diving systems, to bring our divers a product which will expand possibilities in diving safety, reliability and versatility.

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