Electronics Cover – 28990

Date: 11/30/17
Bulletin: Quality Alert HR.0001
Author: Nick Hollis
Title: Electronics Cover – 28990
Part Number: 28990

Purpose of Notice: It has come to our attention that the Electronics Cover – 28990 found on the Prism 2 Rebreather could be subject to corrosion under certain diving conditions, primarily in salt water. Affected battery covers were manufactured between January 2012 and June 2017. Serial number range is located on the last page.

Product Issue: Aluminum has proven to be a suboptimal material choice in this application and can be affected by corrosion, resulting in a leak of the OPV seal. We have upgraded the material to 316 stainless steel and are now making this part available as a replacement for all units sold by AUP, as well as new production from Hollis Rebreathers.

Remedy: For every Prism 2 manufactured between January 2012 and June 2017, we recommend an immediate inspection by the user and, if corrosion is noticed, replacement of part 28990 – Electronics Cover with part 28990S.A – Electronics Cover Assembly, SS. This new cover assembly also includes a new over pressure relief valve pre-installed.
Purchase price for the new part is $70.00 dealer and $140.00 retail. As an incentive, Hollis Rebreathers is offering dealer pricing to any end user who completes the return form below and sends their old aluminum cover for replacement.

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